Saturday, May 2, 2015

Another Last Look at Hippeastrums

Minerva bloomed outdoors last week, big pretty blooms after a rough winter.
Now we have another Minerva bloom, indoors, perhaps the last Amaryllis bloom of the indoor season. I thought that through the past five to blossom.

Minerva. At far left is a last bloom of Apple Blossom and
the remnants of Spartacus.

Minerva is common. Sometimes the most common are the strongest growers, which accounts for why there are so many of them. True of Daffodils also.

There will undoubtedly be some to bloom outdoors through the summer but I  brought in the best for growing in pots.

There are 8 seedling Hippeastrums in 4" pots with roots growing out the drainage holes that need bumping up to 6" clay pots as soon as I get more pots. Oh, oh. Where are they going to spend the winter? Perhaps they can be circled around the tomato containers. Actually there are ten; 2 pots have 2 small bulbs each.

I didn't let seed pods form this year, as much fun as it is to see them sprout and grow. I love when the little papery seeds burst the pod. Floating them on a bowl of water and watching tiny roots start downward through the side of a clear bowl is a fun thing. First sprouts after potting up are a thrill. Waiting years for a first blossom, not so much.


  1. Minerva may be common but she sure is pretty. I'll have to long around for that one next fall. All my Hippeastrum are long past their bloom phase.

  2. Beautiful blossoms and very clear pictures.

    I love the sun- across- the- meadows new header picture.

  3. Minerva is a beauty even if she is common. That certainly doesn't take away from her beauty.

  4. Minerva is a beauty! I was just looking up species Hippeastrum … don't think I'll be collecting too $$$.

  5. They are so lovely--here mine are almost finished also--outside in the ground. A truly wonderful bulb. Enjoyed seeing yours, thank you.

  6. I like the new header photo also - "nothing gold can stay" - posted an update on the White Garden - thought you might want to see the things blooming and filling in that space.

  7. Iam fond of Amaryllis, this one is quite outstanding

  8. You've had quite a long season of Amaryllis bloom this year! Minerva is very striking!

  9. Tell me about what you will do with the okra this is my first year trying grow it. I also found some heirloom dipper gourd seeds I excited about.


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