Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Daylilies, Again

In my mind, I've already shown you a bunch of daylilies. When I looked back, it was only a couple on Bloom Day and an earlier look at the new one.

Little Business, a near match for Knockout Roses,
except that Knockout had an early flush of bloom and 
they are not synchronized.

Byzantine Emperor. It melts in the sun; this was early today.
I looked at last year's pics: Same Daylilies.

Pandora's Box, wonderful with Purple Heart.
These are under a white Crape Myrtle with a frill of 
chartreuse Alternanthera that you'll see when there is 
more than one bloom at a time.

Salmon Sheen with Kniphofia and Echinacea's golden centers. 
Come fall, we'll see Echinacea with clouds of Muhly Grass.

A Seedling with the garden name of Saddle Oxfords.

Bitones are not very popular but I like this one with Lantana.

MIL called them "Lemon Lilies' -- truly heirlooms.

Silver Veil and an insect.

My Red Seedling, best color in early morning.
By late afternoon, they either melt or turn brick color. 

We had another 0.6 inch of rain last evening. You can almost see corn growing. 

The electricity was off for a while during the storm. The TV stopped working. Parts are ordered and the repairman will call next week. At least we escaped the hail they had in town. 

My okra is coming up! Life is good despite the heat and humidity. Ninety degrees in the shade.  

If you are in a place where the weather is hot, stay in the shade if you can. If it is still cool where you are, summer is definitely on the way, starting here.


  1. 90 degrees in the shade already! Is that normal for May? Last May we had temps soar up to those levels too but this year we're almost unnaturally cool. At least your daylilies like the weather. I love the color of that 'Salmon Sheen."

  2. I never tire of looking at beautiful daylilies. Your plant combinations really set their flower color off beautifully. Glad you are receiving rain. We are dryer to the south, but the rains should come soon. Stay cool as the summer is just beginning.

  3. Lucky you!
    It certainly looks green and vibrant...
    I'm not getting any rain :(

    My daylilies are blooming... But really not worth posting at this time... with their yellowing foliage... Ima save the water for the veggies...

  4. Byzantine Emperor is my favorite here! Morning is the best time to admire bloom colors.
    90 degrees? Wow! We still have cool mornings.

  5. Byzantine Emperor is my favorite here! Morning is the best time to admire bloom colors.
    90 degrees? Wow! We still have cool mornings.

  6. The daylilies are beautiful. I have mowed so much down, I don't know what I will have when they bloom.

    You are in the 90's and I turned the furnace back on this morning! The house was down to 68° and my hands were like ice. I think we will finally get a warm up by the weekend but still cooler than normal. I held off on planting okra and sweet corn.....poor tomatoes and peppers are just having to endure.


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