Saturday, May 16, 2015

Foliage Follows in May

A favorite on Bloom Day was Burro Tail Sedum. Here it is from the opposite side, no blooms in sight:

Only one Neoregelia promises a bloom soon.

Cycads have brand new foliage. Behind the one at left is a small Brug.


I spread Persian Shield around like Marmalade. These are returning from roots.

Purple Heart, like Grape Jelly.


They play well together, Setcreasea and Strobilanthes.

Around a large stone, grows Ebony Spleenwort and one the stone, Resurrection Fern. Nearby is a red Daylily. Crocosmia, a thug, marches right in to get pulled.

I keep adding more and more Cannas, an easy tropical look that returns easily from roots.

Two more tropicals that return from roots: Lemon Grass and Variegated Shell Ginger. They make a quicker show if pieces are wintered in the greenhouse. I intend to buy more Alpinia.


This tough succulent endures the worst winters here. Many plants are lost to squirrels, who love to chew the leaves when water is scarce.

Most of my favorite foliage plants are common. I like to try to display them in uncommon ways. 

Joining with Pam Penick and friends for Foliage Follow Up:

Foliage, Common Plants in Uncommon Ways


  1. I have a shell ginger that I keep in a huge pot which i have in doors in winter. It does out grow the pot very quickly.
    I love your Burro Tail Sedum !

  2. A covetable collection, and not one is common enough to be in my garden ;~)

  3. Beautiful bloomers and beautiful foliage. I love the dark leaved cannas. Wish I could grow lemon grass. A greenhouse is essential here, but even keeping it frost free it has succumbed.

  4. Beautiful foliage shots! I love Persian shield but it has never done well for me.

    1. Persian Shield likes shade here and ample water.

  5. I'm really liking your burro's tail arrangement, cascading in tiers like a waterfall. Very nice!


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