Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Daylily, an Impulse Buy

I went to buy Okra seed and perhaps a Pelargonium if they had any.

Blackthorne. Trimmer. 1996.
Always Afternoon x Tetra Dragons Eye

The other bloom on Blackthorne.

For years I've thought of buying Always Afternoon. This is even better. The black purple is wonderful. They also had another beautiful daylily, Blackberry Candy. I didn't buy a Candy.

I did find a Geranium.

Crimson red, not Scarlet. They had lots of Scarlet red.

I bought some clay pots. I did find Okra seed. 


  1. I've had Strawberry Candy in this garden and the previous one, it's a fave. I love the dark eyes on some daylilies, like this one. Do you have daylily gall midges there? We have them here, they deform the flowers. It's always something.

  2. Love your impulse buy. It's striking! The geranium is very pretty, too.

  3. Daylilies can be hard to resist. That's a choice one.

  4. Oh the lure of daylilies...Blackthorne's purple and gold are very regal! Very nice choice. I got French Lingerie in the mail a few weeks ago. (The daylily, not the dainties, I'm not that kind of gardener.) It's put on some nice growth but I don't know if it'll bloom this year.

  5. Daylilies can be hard to resist. I've succumbed to them many times and have loads in my garden. Blackthorne is a beauty!

  6. I would have bought it, too.

  7. Daylilies-how can we resist? I have one very similar to that and look forward to seeing its bloom by the end of May.


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