Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pandora, Again

I included Pandora's Box Daylily with some others a couple of days ago, promising to visit Pandora Again.

Pandora's Box is a small Daylily; plays well with others.

You must be close to appreciate this little bed on
the left. Opposite it is a hedge of Gardenias.

A couple of years back I extended the bed under 
a white Crape Myrtle by just heaping pine
straw underneath for the winter. Grass died.

Pandora's Box was performing poorly elsewhere. It seems
happy enough here as the season begins, with
Purple Heart and Chartreuse Alternanthera that reflects the
eye and throat of Pandora.

... and a bonus:
Blooming for the first time this year: Byran Paul


  1. Pandora's colors are stunning. It especially looks good with the purple queen. It looks like you have a large snd beautiful garden.

  2. 'Pandora's Box' looks great with the companions you've chosen. I received a couple of these plants as gifts with purchase a couple of years ago but they haven't bloomed much to this point. (Maybe I need to surround mine with more congenial companions too.)


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