Thursday, May 21, 2015

Paw Paw

Not the baby's Grandpa, the plant with the custard-like flavor fruit, or so they say. The one I ate was kind of alkaline tasting.

Paw Paw here is not a tree, it is a low shrubby plant,
Asimina augustifolia or Slimleaf Pawpaw, often called
Dog Banana and attractive to critters.

Green fruit of Pawpaw

Asimina augustifolia is the host plant for the larva of Zebra Swallowtails. 
Zebras always nectar on yellow and lavendar Lantana near the Dog Banana.

I am linking to Outlaw Gardener's Post on Paw Paws. He asked about readers who know and grow Pawpaws. His are not the same as mine. These are native to the southeastern US, growing scattered along woods edge, not in a cultivated patch.


  1. So cool and very different from Asimina triloba. The fruit looks similar though. The alkaline taste goes away after the fruit ripens a bit although I read on a website ( ) that some wild paw paw doesn't taste good at all.

  2. Lucky you to have the ones with the showy blooms...
    You might enjoy this article in the florida survival garden site:
    Florida's amazing native pawpaws
    The dwarf wild paw paws at my house have the tiny brwn flwrs...

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