Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Corn Is as HIgh as a... What?

Irrigation took care of it and now we're getting rain, real thunderstorm rain with thunder and lightning.

♫ ... and it looks like it's reaching clear up to the sky. ♫ ♪

My batteries died and the thunder got closer before I could get around to the east where sweet corn is tasseling. The silks look like sweet baby curls.

Gladioli, love the color.

Agapanthus. You know how proud I am of this. I didn't expect white.
The little yellow spots outside the greenhouse wall are calla lilies.

Mixed bulbs. All yellow so far.

The great hot weather indoor tomato experiment goes on.

Between showers, grass was rooted out and a little side dressing of fertilizer
laid down along my okra, which has grown some since this baby photo.


  1. The Agapanthus is doing well in a pot! Your tomatoes are off and running too.

  2. That corn looks beautiful and so do your flowers. You don't see the white agapanthus often and it is pretty, too.

  3. Hooray for your beautiful white agapanthus! The effect your heat has on tropical plants like corn is a wonder to me. Here folks are just setting out corn started from seed indoors and hoping for knee high by the fourth of July. We're having temps in the mid to high seventies and everyone's excited about the possibility of hitting eighty on Friday. Nights are still in the low fifties. Your indoor tomato experiment is looking great!

  4. Love your daylilies! I'm also a great fan of agapanthus, which grows like crazy here for us in central Florida. I'm new to blogging, but not to gardening. It's great to see what others are growing and how they're doing it.


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