Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Harum Scarum Flower Bed

Harum Scarum was one of Mama's expressions. It certainly fits the willy nilly way this bed grew. It started out with a nice rock wall that I built and then pulled down, just leaving selected stones and a nice berm.

The plantings have matured. Every year I move some things around. The Vitex tree I showed last week is on the end not seen here. A long row of Salmon Sheen Daylilies that used to line the front are now at the back, ending a flush of bloom. Echinacea is a fairly new addition, the gold cones picking up the oranges of other flowers. Under the Vitex there's a big clump of Kniphofia  that wants moving so it will commence bloom again next year. Muhly grass is almost swallowed by Lavender Lantana, I'm hoping it is sturdy enough to withstand the fight.

California Poppies dot the bed with more gold.
Earlier in the year there were daffodils and early wildflowers.

Purple Porterweed at the far end bloomed next to the 
Kniphofia and will bloom again after I deadhead it.

Looking in the other direction, there's the Carefree Delight
Rose in a new flush and plenty of Vitex.

Oh, and Salvia farinacea, looking better than it ever has. It's been blooming since early spring. In this climate, there's a sequence of bloom that requires stuffing in many different plants so there's always something blooming. There's even a Tithonia seedling or two just starting.

Every year is different. Nothing ever blooms at precisely the same time as last year and some things even skip blooming.

A good example is my frustration at the Rose Bed in the back yard. Little Business Daylilies are almost the exact match for Knockout Roses, a good companion to pink KO and okay with Belinda's Dream.

The Knockouts bloomed their first flush of blossoms just after the Hyacinths were done and ahead of the Daylilies. The Daylilies have finished up bloom following the Roses and now Roses are starting a new flush of bloom. So much for my planned display but they were lovely in their solo performances.

I decided to stop complaining about plants that do not follow my schedule and enjoy them as they come. There's always something in bloom
when I look outside, if it's only a clump of Sammy Russell Daylilies, sweet happy bright red Sammy.


  1. Your garden looks lovely to me, I do love a big yard!

  2. Your Harum Scarum flower bed has a very natural look about it even though it's packed tight with a range of beautiful plants. I love that it looks different from year-to-year.

  3. Sammy is sure a nice cheerful red color! Your Harum Scarum bed is great! It takes a lot of work to achieve a carefree look like that!

  4. This is my kind of flower bed! I love that you never know what you may see and when you may see it. That is a beautiful clear red in the daylily.


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