Monday, June 15, 2015

Bridal White Blossoms for June Bloom Day

It was hard to decide what to include for Bloom Day until I thought of all the white flowers. June, the month of Weddings.

White Lantana montevidensis

White Lantana has become one of my new favorites of an old plant. I tucked a cutting in front of the Mule barn. Nut sedge and bermuda grass tried to smother it. It's all weeded and mulched once again.

Shasta Daisies used to be popular with brides.
These from plants from seed sown about 20 years ago.

First Crinum to bloom.

Gardenias, romantic flowers still in bloom here.

Gerbera Daisies with more white Lantana.

White Echinacea. The calla lily in the pot is NOT white.

White Begonias with Spider Plants, Foxtail Fern and a Fairy.

I forgot to make photos of white Crape Myrtle. White Datura is in bud, no blooms. Hymenocallis has buds just coming out of the leaves. 

Preview of July's Fiesta. Pride of Barbados has two bloom clusters open today. 

Corn is still in bloom as tassels of bloom pollinate silks on corn ears. 
This is field corn. Around the corner is a little patch of sweet corn that I've been pulling, shucking, boiling and eating, another of June's delights.

Happy Bloom Day. Visit May Dreams Gardens to sign up for Carol's Bloom Day meme if you've not been there.


  1. You have so many pretty white flowers to share for Bloom Day. What a great idea to feature them for June the favorite month for weddings. Thanks too for the preview of July's hot color fiesta. Pride of Barbados is such a gorgeous tropical flower.

  2. I love all those white flower, especially the gardenias and the echinacea. My gardenias are blooming as well but they didn't fit in with my orange theme for this month. Happy gardening!

  3. You've a lovely collection of white blooms and, as to the Caesalpinia, wowzers!

  4. all beautiful, enjoyed them, thankyou!

  5. Nice array of whites--and then the shock of the Pride of Barbados! My Pride is just beginning its bloom time.

  6. Beautiful white blooms and that corn field is impressive! I just planted sweet corn; to say I am late is an understatement. It is raining daily.

  7. Love all your white flowers. I have a few whites in bloom, but this is mostly a blue period in my garden.

  8. Nothing wrong with white. The local public garden here grow crinum, so I might give it a try. But it is not hardy here in zone 7.


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