Sunday, June 7, 2015

Garden Wall

I've often looked at photos of estates in the United Kingdom and wondered how I would like a walled garden. Right now the north side of my garden is walled.

It is temporary, since it's corn. When I look out the kitchen windows it does resemble a wall.

Near the corn wall, blueberries are ripe.

There is a promise of Okra to come.

I think I really prefer seeing a long way to being walled in.


  1. I love these views of your garden and out into the growing field! Peanuts last year, wasn't it? The corn wall is nice because you can enjoy the effect knowing that it'll go away when the season is done. A song comes to mind:

  2. There used to be fences. The tree line where my bromeliads used to have a fence. It moved north a ways, then it was an electric fence for a while.

    I keep thinking, "The corn is as high as an elephant's eye," and then I go around singing, "June, June, June, June."

  3. The corn in that first photo looks like a wave breaking. Nice that it will eventually go away.

  4. As walls go, a green growing one offers a nice backdrop.

  5. Walls come in all varieties! I love it. Oh, the taste of freshly grown corn. My mouth is watering.

  6. You have a great view of the corn wall ( I do believe that is a city in England - no pun intended)! I love your display of potted plants on the wood posts and logs. Fantastic!

  7. Oh my, blueberries already! Blueberries are a late July/early August treat here. -Jean


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