Sunday, June 21, 2015

Marvin's Gardens

It's a treat for me to be invited to Marvin's Gardens to gather produce.

Peaches. I picked my own. Marvin gave me a watermelon and 2 cantaloupes. 

Can you find at least 2 watermelons in this patch?

I was here to pick okra. Okra tends to hide along the stems and under leaves. After I'd picked a peck or more, Marvin found a handful that I'd missed.

The other treasure I hunted was cucumbers. Behind the cucumbers are peas, not ready to pick just yet.

Young Peas.

Peppers and Eggplant.

I contributed three new tomato plants to Marvin's Gardens. He's on the second and third crops of tomatoes. The joy in gardening for me is in starting plants from cuttings, his is planting young plants. Works very well.

We celebrated Father's Day today with fruit salad made of Marvin's cantaloupe and peaches. This afternoon we had an eighth of a big watermelon each, totally delicious. 

Panama Glenn called to wish his Dad a Happy Father's Day. Glenn has a new, faster motorcycle. I heard Dad tell him, "No use to tell you to be careful, I know you'll be as careful as you already are."  


  1. A gardener's scavenger hunt - with dividends! It sounds like fun.

  2. Wow, fresh peaches and watermelon already. Here those don't ripen until August. Amazing what your heat can do! How nice of Marvin to share so much of his produce with you! What's your favorite way to prepare okra?

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