Friday, June 12, 2015

Orange Is not the New Magenta

They clash beautifully, as Mama used to say.
Good old Kwanzo with its 3 sets of petals/tepals. Here 
always, has come into summer bloom.

This is a good year for Kniphofia, which started bloom in
May. They would clash with Purple Coneflower were it
not for the gold cones of the Coneflowers.

Orange species Gerberas. I have orange, pink and white.
The white are relegated to the back gardens with other whites.

Byzantine Emperor. I like it under pink Brugmansias.
I'm waiting to see if volunteer Periwinkles are going to be
white or some shade of pink. Last year they were white.

Laura Bush petunias seed around in odd places, probably 
because the seeds are so fine. Here they came up with 
common dog fennel.

Hibiscus syriacus nameless cultivar

There was a time when we had many H. syriacus, which we call Althea. Most were single blooms in various white, pink and lavender shades. They tend to seed about and were not long-lasting. I've had this one for years. It gets late evening sun.

The back areas around the greenhouse I am trying to grow mostly white flowers, with the exception of the Calla Lily Surprise yellow. This Althea is the only shrub with deeply colored flowers and it's not in sight of the Callas.

When I look back at previous years, everything looks almost the same except that trees and shrubs get bigger. Digging and moving plants is not one of my favorite garden tasks.


  1. those petunias are a brilliant colour, I love to plant plants, but also hate moving them as Im always scared they wont quite make it.

    1. Me, too, Bec. I try to transplant ahead of a rain.

  2. Are those petunias really florescent pink as they appear in the photo? Wow! I love that Hibiscus.

    1. They really are bright, and a prolific reseeder. Hummingbirds like these old Hibiscus, too.

  3. Orange is not my favorite color, but in the garden it's a different story--love the bright blooms you have! I agree on the Hibiscus; what a stunner!

    1. The biggest part of my plants that bloom Orange are at the front where they're seen from the highway. Most of the Magenta blossoms are in the Upper Garden, not as visible. So then I started putting mostly white in the back so it looks cooler in the summer sun. You know that some colors are going to creep out of their own zone. Plants are like that.

  4. Orange in the garden is delicious and I love it paired with magenta! Those petunias are gorgeous. I think I would have liked your mother.

  5. I have a slope full of common yellow day lilies, and today I noticed several darker orange ones with three sets of petals, just like Kwanzo! I have never seen these before. Could this have happened spontaneously? At any rate, I have come to appreciate orange in the summer garden. Generally orange blooms can take the heat, for which I am very grateful.

  6. Sometimes things like Kwanzo just turn up without explanation. Enjoy. I've had ancient daylilies planted decades ago just suddenly reappear.

  7. I love orange and magenta together. It's so crazy and joyous you just have to laugh. :o)


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