Monday, July 13, 2015

Big Fig Jig

Miss Winnie and I were out picking figs while they were still in shade from the big pecan tree to the east.

She asked Lane if the fig tree was as old as he. Now 30 feet in diameter, it was a small tree near the cow barn when I first saw it more than 50 years ago.

We laughed about eating as many as we picked. They are tempting when the skin begins to crack and you know how sweet they will be.

Birds were singing in the tree top. Now and then there's evidence of birds having come down low for a snack but they are welcome to all those in the top 
far above our heads.

Miss Winnie said her Mama always sugared figs and let them sit overnight. Old-fashioned fig preserves had equal parts of sugar and figs. I just add enough sugar to make a light syrup and freeze my cooked figs rather than canning. 

Last year I experimented with recipes for various fig treats. Mostly I like to just eat them right off the tree. During the winter, figs we put up are a treat at  breakfast with buttered toast.


  1. Oooohhh, figs. I love them. I made fig jam last year, with sherry and shallots and a little bit of honey instead of sugar. It was delicious. I just freeze all my jams too.

  2. 2 figs on our new property. alas, the drive must be reconfigured and we will have to start over.

    Thanks for the Albert Hadley garden....


  3. Figs are not something grown in my part of the country. I had no idea the trees got that big. I have never tasted a fresh fig.....Fig Newtons doesn't count. My Dad loved them. I always enjoy seeing what you grow down south.


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