Friday, July 24, 2015

Curcuma, Tropical Ginger

Curcumas are blooming early this year.

 Often called Hidden Ginger, for some reason the flowers are not hidden under leaves this year.

I pinned a scene from Albert Hadley's garden in Naples, FL which has the caption, "A boardwalk in the garden replaced a cement walk to heighten the tropical experience.". So, I added one of my Russian-made wood pathways.

Alpinia, or Shell Ginger in the near view.


Up close: The pink parts are bracts. The flowers are the yellow parts.

Cardamon ginger and ferns. The pitiful two-leafed plant is a Strelitzia that tries its best to make a comeback after every cold winter. If it were anything other than a Bird, I would dig and toss it. Gingers are happy in shade here.

This critter was clinging to the back of a Shell Ginger leaf. Actually it's an empty shell of a cicada.

Twenty years ago, one of my imaginary friends had a terrific web site devoted to his efforts to see what would best grow in this area. He kept detailed records of everything he planted, built an elaborate hypertufa garden and was doing quite well I thought, despite a number of losses such as we all experience. Ten years ago he let all those wonderful photos and texts go after he discovered a whole new world: Gingers. Eventually he narrowed Gingers to Costus as his focus. 

Dave owns the URL I thought I'd found him on Facebook. Turns out GingersRUs on Facebook is a group of Redheads, fond of bad jokes and puns. 

A last look at Curcuma.


  1. What lovely ginger blooms! If I ever come across these at a good deal, I'll scoop some up. I have one ginger, but I'm not sure what kind it is. I'll have to post a photo of it on my blog.

    You really have a nice selection of tropicals growing in your GA gardens.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. These are just beautiful! Wish we could do more gingers in the ground here; in pots they can be finicky, and indoors the spider mites just love them.

  3. The pink and yellow ginger bloom is very pretty. Glad it's less hidden this year. I'd love a Strelitzia, but it would need some space in the greenhouse for the winter.

  4. I enjoyed this post! The boardwalk is a perfect accent to the pretty gingers.

  5. There are simply wonderful plants and your photos show just how lovely the flowers are. Loved the boardwalk too.

  6. Like the wooden walk. Gingers are another that I have to enjoy via your blog.

  7. Is that curcuma alismatifolia?
    Was very excited to find curcuma at Lowes last month... But... Unfortunately... curcuma alismatifolia isn't the good kind...
    I'm still looking to collect curcuma longa for my garden...

    By the by... I can't figure out how to send you a PM. Still hoping to get seed for the Caesalpinia.

    1. I think it is Curcuma alata. It doesn't look like photos of C. longa. Mine didn't come from Lowe's but from a friend in Texas.


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