Friday, July 31, 2015

Goodbye, July

I never got around to broad views. I stood with my camera on my singlepod -- I don't know the correct term for it but it's like one leg of a tripod -- at the ready for butterfly pictures.

The best I could do was this Skipper and the Gulf Fritillary below.
I deadheaded Tithonia yesterday, the ones I could reach easily.

At least I was in shade. I heard a hummingbird, gone before I could focus on him.

I moved to the Upper Garden to see what activity there was on Esperanza and Pride of Barbados.

Hummingbirds showed up here, two of them, fighting. I never got a pic. They're too fast. A dark Swallowtail hovered around and left. The sun was hot and I gave up.

This afternoon I was outside to cut okra and when Buffy and I got back to the door, there was a Gulf Fritillary poised over the doorbell button. By the time I slipped inside, loaded the chip back into the camera and went out again, I disturbed him and he slipped down away from the button, pausing just long enough for a single pic.

I don't know what the attraction was unless it was dust where the butterfly could pick up minerals. I was happy for the visit. I wondered if he was bringing a message?


  1. I'm not sure, but I think we've had fewer hummers here this year. It seems like it anyway. Maybe they don't like the heat either. Got a kick out of the butterfly on the doorbell. Maybe he was selling something?

  2. What a special visitor! Doesn't strike me as the door to door salesman type. Encyclopedias, vacuum cleaners, Avon, Amway all seem a bit heavy for him to carry around. Maybe he was going to ask you to take a religious pamphlet and talk with him about God and theology. Perhaps he just wanted to bring you a bit of joy.

  3. Ha ha! Maybe it's got too hot even for the gulf fritillaries, it found some welcome shade. I envy you the heat, it's a very cool summer in England.

  4. Having a butterfly ring the bell - that's got to signify good luck! He's bringing happiness.

  5. It is difficult to take photos of those hummingbirds! Yesterday I saw one poised over a bright hibiscus flower. What a wonderful shot it would have been; of course, I did not have my camera. Your butterfly at the doorbell made me smile. Maybe he wanted to come in from the heat!

  6. Stunning photographs! (It's called a monopod, that single legged tripod thing) I adore all the hot reds and yellows you have used, makes me think that we ought to do the same in our garden. Our summer, here in Northern Ireland has been a wash out and those colours would really cheer the place up :)
    I'm terrified of butterflies but yours are awfully beautiful xx

  7. Lovely butterflies!
    There may be different names for the one-legged camera support, but we just bought one and it was labeled 'monopod' But you could call it your one-legged garden helper, and people will say 'What?' !
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  8. I think I missed this when you posted. Gorgeous pics!


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