Thursday, July 9, 2015

Goodbye Meatballs

It took years to grow spheres above the regular boxy boxwood. Tuesday I finished them off in about 10 minutes, five of them.

At left edge of picture from two years back, a topiary round atop a more or less square boxwood. One on the other side matched it. Keeping them trimmed and even was a job for a young man, not an old woman.

These three outgrew their usefulness and my reach. After the last wasp sting, I never finished with these.

One or two good whacks with my giant Fiskars pruners (not supplied by Fiskars, purchased by me) and the meatballs hit the ground. Actually I started these with some pruning as if I might salvage them and suddenly -- they were on the ground. Maybe the heat made me a little giddy.

All that green filled the bed of my little garden truck. I did not watch as He-who-Mows and Hauls took them away.

At the last moment in fall I'll square up the new growth. Before new spring growth comes, I'll cut back some that I am contemplating a new shape for -- not meatballs, tall and flat and out of the way.

One thing that brought on this outburst was the marvelous garden photos that Outlaw Gardener had today of a Garden Tour he recently took. I could not decide exactly where the visited garden ended and the neighbor's property began.

When I found her photo from two years ago, it was quite plain. Their plantings had matured beautifully. Their path edges were crisp. Here, centipede grass is crawling past boundaries while I look the other way.

When rains are plentiful here and temperatures get unbearable, I start to worry about my Coastal South garden turning into what Mama used to call 'A Growed Up Mess!' while I am indoors staying cool.


  1. The heat makes me giddy too. Fortunately, ours is supposed to end tonight, but yours will probably continue. I wouldn't have the patience for shaping boxwood.

  2. You are a woman after my own heart! Goodby meatballs and any other very fussy plant. Old woman want to keep gardening an we must make changes! I just prune to keep things under control......just did my boxwoods too.

    We pulled out all things needing pruning around the foundation but one persisting holly tree that needs attention again.

    I like the natural look more anyway. You did good.

  3. Good for you. I get so used to seeing the things that are working me to death, I think I can't do without them. Then, here comes visitors to my garden, and they 'ooh and aah' over the easiest care plants that I'm growing, not even noticing my time consuming 'pets'. Editing is good.

  4. I so agree on tall pruning. I love the look of topiary plants but when they get taller than I can reach with the ladder I just have to let them grow back to their more normal shape. It is wise to realize we are not to be upon tall ladders at this time in our lives. There is so much more that we can do. Carry on...


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