Monday, July 13, 2015

Heat Advisory

It's that time of year when Summer scorches and we forget how cold we were last winter when frost came. Reminders are needed to keep us hydrated. Watermelon helps. Lemonade refreshes. Iced tea is a given and best of all, cold water from the well or from a reliable bottler.

A Spicebush Swallowtail visits Tithonia. 

 I have the same broad views every summer with Crape Myrtles. New plans are coming together for adding something different next year.

 A small difference this year is a Pride of Barbados shrub with a swath of Tithonia in a slightly different spot and a bigger clump of striped Canna.

In the Fiesta bed part of the Upper Garden, I've expanded Pride of Barbados by 3 plants. There are a couple of Tithonia there and a coral Porterweed. More of that on Bloom Day.

Blooming in the potager: Okra with pods to pick!


  1. I meant to plant Tithonia this year and didn't. Do they need a lot of water? I wonder if the seeds will still be good next year. I know they like heat, this would have been a perfect year for them here. Every time I see Pride of Barbados on your blog, I just swoon. Stay cool and hydrated.

    1. People complain about Tithonia when it lacks water because the lower leaves dry up and are ugly. It will bloom right on however. The seeds should be good next year, just plant extras. I do love Pride of Barbados and anxiously wait for more blooms. It is trying valiantly to bloom in part shade. I have hope.

  2. What a beautiful butterfly ! I've only seen yellow swallowtails , mostly on the Phlox and willow .

  3. Great butterfly shots Jean. It 'looks' hot there. It's hard to believe that it's the middle of July already. We won't see cooler temps until the end of Sept. (if we're lucky) or into October.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. is it hot enuff 4 you?
    My tithonias are all wilted...
    Since I don't actually eat okra... I've taken to growing hibiscus aculeatus... it's a bit easier, and seems to be marginally perennial...
    Caesalpinia is still on my wish list... is it hardy at your house?
    Maybe we can work out a trade....

    1. You have no idea how good oven-fried okra is. Tithonias do wilt. They stand up again in the dew.

      Pride of Barbados is root hardy here. Just when I've given up in mid-June, the first shoots appear. Maybe you can grow it in a sheltered place. Happy to give you some seeds and Esperanza, too, also root hardy.

  5. The combination of orange blooms looks great. We're not as warm as usual here but I suspect the heat is coming...

  6. Your big beautiful tropical plants are a perfect accompaniment to your hot weather. I don't envy you the heat, though; I'm from the part of the world where people start to wilt and complain about the heat when it gets up to 80F (even though every winter we promise not to complain about the heat in summer) ;-) -Jean

  7. Hooray for okra pods to pick; you'll surely enjoy them! Sorry about your heat! We're having a nice cool down to the upper 70's before we go up again to the upper 80's later in the week.


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