Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Is Disorganized

I discovered a new organization method this weekend, KonMari, she calls it. I told He-Who-Mows that it has taken more than 50 years for me to learn how to fold underwear and t-shirts so they all fit neatly into a drawer the way my nephew's have since he was 9 years old. I didn't know t-shirts should stand instead of being stacked where only the topmost one is visible.

I'm afraid there's nothing in her book about organizing a garden but the rules might apply except that there's nothing out there I am willing to give up except weeds.

Angel Trumpets started a new round of bloom. Note the hole at right where a whole tall stalk blew over in a recent wind. I took cuttings and tossed the rest. I meant to get a pic of Devil Trumpets -- white Datura -- and forgot before they closed in front of the greenhouse.



I did not notice until I came inside and looked at pics that this blossom on Pandora's Box is malformed. The botanical term is Polymerous, meaning that it has an extra petal, an extra sepal and an extra stamen. Usually there are two extra stamens. I'm glad there is rebloom here among the Purple Heart.

Butterflies are in abundance once again. I had declared I would take no more butterfly pics but they just will pose so cute.

 Spicebush Swallowtail on left. Pipevine Swallowtail, wings fluttering on right. There is a male Tiger Swallowtail flitting all around but he declined posing where I could reach.

Cypress Vine and Sombrueil Rose

Swim Ray asked about Spanish Moss.
MIL and Aunt Lila who lived down the road used to fear Spanish Moss getting started in their pecan trees. We do have Spanish moss on the north end of the farm in a low area. Spanish Moss grows best in low, shady places. I hung some  on a shepherd's hook where the birds can find it to line nests. 

Coming back to where I started, these Brugmansias are about to take a nap until tonight when they unfurl their ballerina skirts and welcome night-flying moths.
Around the support post at left, I propped an Epiphyllum with 6 buds so it can bloom and I won't have to wander around in the dark to find it.

Three or four nights, we should see blooms.

Now I have to get back to folding my t-shirts into neat little packets that stand alone. I was pleased to learn that I did know how to properly fold towels. 

One satisfying point I read was that there is no reason to keep something you don't like simply because it cost a lot of money. "The money is already wasted." 


  1. Some day, not for a few years though, I will also have Epiphyllum blooms. I have two little starts.

  2. Yours will be nice long clades with dark green color. These get too much sun and are pale but send out buds galore, many of whom failed to make it. I gave away another one yesterday. I may go out of Epis, they are so ungainly and the pots are heavy.

  3. Lots of pretty blooms! I'm impressed by your ability to get good photos of butterflies - they always flit off when I get near. I switched to that method of folding t-shirts myself earlier this year - it is helpful to seeing what you've got. I didn't know she had a towel-folding technique, though, and I'll have to check into that.

  4. Living out of boxes for the next many months. Loving so little choice in what to wear. Will be interesting to see what is given away once boxes opened. And, you know I gave away a lot before packing to move !

    My garden now is loaded with maximum beautiful variety of pollinators, due to dairy cattle next door. Garden is rather simple, with boxwood, pecans...

    XO T

  5. Would you believe I just moved DH's tee's to a drawer because he was putting them on hangers and stretching the necks. My daughter told me her daughter folds hers the neatest way where she can see each tee when she opens the drawer! I haven't mastered the fold yet but he doesn't have that many so at least they are off the hanger! I bet if I Google it there will be a video on YouTube showing me how.

    I love that last comment about "the money is already

  6. I'm going to have to look up this T shirt folding technique! Bummer about losing a branch of your brugmansia but glad you were able to take cuttings. Hope your birds enjoy your Spanish Moss. I put some outside this summer as well as it's growing so well in the greenhouse.

  7. I have a friend who's house is so perfectly organized and spotless, it's like a museum to suburban living. If she ever saw my tee shirt drawer, she'd be horrified. I just added Pandora's Box to my garden this year. I love it! Love your butterfly shots. :o)


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