Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Morning After

Epiphyllums bloomed last night, a total of 6 blossoms. I put the story on my greenhouse blog, Dotty Plants.

This is a bloom from 2013. Anticipation is the thrill for me, so I didn't stay up to see the fully open blooms this time. They were open enough for me to get the full fragrance, with Brugmansias in a full new cycle of bloom nearby. Heady.

A real thrill for me this morning was the discovery of two seedlings from the 7 year old Castor Bean seeds I planted 20 days ago. I pressed newly fallen pine cones into the soil around them to discourage kitty and armadillos digging.

It looks as if the Brug cuttings and white Lantana cuttings that I took after wind blew down a Brug stalk are going to take.

It is time to start perennial seeds for planting out in late fall here. At some point I mean to start some Nasturtiums, which I usually forget until it is too late.

I never got around to all the annuals I meant to plant. The only zinnias to bloom so far are yellow: one the color of a school bus and one slightly paler.

When I checked butterfly activity I was rewarded: a Giant Swallowtail! Spectacular with all the gold markings and bigger than all the others, they are a treat to see.  See my Giant Swallowtail post from 2011 with videos and fairly good pics.

Today, Gulf Fritillaries, other swallowtails, pipevine and spicebush; dogface sulphurs and various pollinators swarm Tithonia along with the Giant. There's minor activity on Porterweeds, Pentas and Lantana but nothing to compare with the busy visitors to Tithonia.

A Red Spotted Purple greets me at the side door every morning. This butterfly does not nectar on flowers. He seeks things like a dirty towel the dog laid on. He looks for moisture, so I poured the cat's water on the carport floor and refilled the bowl with fresh water.


  1. I have a single Brug cutting that has taken this year. I'll probably be giving it away at a future plant swap. I didn't plant all the annuals I intended to this year either. The time just got away from me.

  2. Your garden is hopping this July!

  3. Gorgeous plants! We are still not having many butterflies. I was hoping the colorful zinnias would draw more but they haven't. I did finally catch a Giant Swallowtail last week.

  4. Butterflies and beautiful fragrances; your garden sounds like paradise. (Hot as the other place though.)


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