Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Orange You Glad It's Bloom Day?

Orange is not the only color in my garden but it is the brightest and the hottest. Fiery orange abounds where temps feel higher than the 99º we are experiencing.

Tithonia and Bengal Tiger Cannas in the Front garden.

 Butterflies are attracted to Tithonia over any other nectar source in my garden.
Gardeners ask about Tithonia and water. When water is scarce, leaves near the bottom tend to shrivel and die. I just snap them off. The tops make up for it.

Gulf Fritillary on Tithonia

Crocosmia is a thug, a pretty thug.

Pride of Barbados does in the Upper Garden Fiesta Bed what Tithonia does in the front, attracts butterflies.

Another Gulf Fritillary on Caesalpinia pulcherrima.

Pride of Barbados is in the Legume family and makes
huge seed pods. Plants are easily grown, dying to the 
roots in our zone 8b garden when frost comes.

First bloom on a second year seedling.

Orange Marigolds in the front are tempered by white Pentas.

Opposite view from Pentas side. Pentas attract butterflies as 
well. They and I enjoy bright rose and pink and red Pentas,
blooming elsewhere. 

It looks cool under a Live Oak in the Upper Garden where the only blooms 
right now are Hymenocallis growing with Gingers.


White Lantana. Between here and town, almost every house
has Lantana but mostly yellow. It loves hot dry weather.

 There are more white blooms than any other around the greenhouse, for a cooling effect and to point up any color you might see inside
like this Geranium.


White Echinacea attracts pollinators.

White Lantana in front of the Mule Barn.

Enjoying heat and humidity.

Crocosmia, Marigolds, Canna Bengal Tiger, Tithonia rotundifolia, Stachytarpheta jamaicensis and Caesalpinia pulcherrima are primary orange shades flowering  here in July.

Do Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what summer colors and blossoms other gardeners are experiencing.


  1. You sure have a lot of heat lovers reveling in your high temperatures! I finally saw a pentas in person at one of the big box stores and thought of you. Such beautiful flowers!

    1. Butterflies think Pentas are the stuff. Me, too. I long to have cool/kewl plants like fuchsias but they are just not meant for a torrid climate.

  2. I like your orange and white theme for Bloom Day. Thanks for the info about Tithonia nad how much water it likes. I'll keep that in mind for next year. I seem to have cracked the pollinator attractors, now if I can just get more butterflies into my garden, I'll be happy.

    1. My top butterfly attractiors are Tithonia, Lantana, Pentas, Porterweed and Caesalpinia.

      Echinacea attracts early butterflies before the more tropical plants get going. Gaillardia is good, I just don't have any this year. Butterfly weed returned across the highway after a long absence. Host plants for caterpillars are a must unless there are some in the neighborhood.

  3. I see we have a lot of plants in common and yours look wonderful! You just reminded me that I completely forgot to put datura in my post and it is one of my favorites. Oh, well, maybe next Bloom Day.

    1. We do have many plants in common, Dorothy. I found that TAMU's best plants for Gulf Coast Texas are all stars in my garden, too.

  4. I am thinking of getting some canna's to hide my super 6 fence, but am worried about heat reflection, I know their tough but are they that tough! Yours are looking gorgeous, I especially love the variegated foliage.

    1. Plenty of water will offset the heat. I have one that got crispy leaf edges from sun and lack of water when it was first planted. Established plants love the heat, particularly the dark leaf ones.

    2. Thanks Jean, I will give them a go.

  5. Crocosmia is a thug, I am forever pulling it up. That one I would keep though! Very pretty.

  6. I don't see many butterflies visiting my gardens until the late summer or fall here. (Maybe all the variety of bees I do get scare them away:-) My datura is going crazy.


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