Thursday, July 23, 2015

Where Shall I Put the Tree Face?

The Children gave me a tree face. It needs to find a home.

 I first looked at Red Cedar trees, Juniperus virginiana. I found a wonderful article about Red Cedars HERE.

The trunk of this one is uneven, even multitrunked.

Wonder who lives here?

The Secret Garden Juniper has a nice trunk.
It even has a native Pipevine climbing an old vine.

Farm tools I dug at the base.

There's just too much going on here to appreciate a tree face.

I moved over to the front of the tractor shed. Juniper.

Oak, here for half a century.
There's no gardening going on here. 

Pecan. This one almost died about 40 years ago.

Lightning hit it. The top died and was cut away. A crack 
shows the path of the lightning all the way to the ground. 
It put on new growth and still grows pecans.
Maybe I've found the tree for the face.

According to the package, the tree face glows in the dark. If put right here, it won't be seem from the road where it could become a subject for target practice. We'll get used to car lights shining on it when we make the circle to the back.


  1. Target practice?! Here, we'd probably put it someplace where it would scare away burglers - or maybe my tree-hating neighbor.

  2. Now I want to see it mounted on that tree! I did love the trees and that you know their history. I know every tree we have planted here and they mean more to me than those that were already here.

    Have a super weekend.


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