Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bloom Day, A Little Late

When Bloom Day came, I was between a hospitalization and going for surgery. I cared less if my lovely blossoms were missed. I visited as many blogs as I could and didn't make excuses for the lack of a Bloom Day post here.

Zinnias, Melampodium and a tattered Swallowtail.


Fianlly Duranta

Julia Child. Carefree Delight has a handful of blooms, too.

Most Zinnias turned out in shades of yellow. Love this one.

Pentas finally started good bloom, here with Persian Shield.

Cannas are everywhere.

Tecoma stans; Esperanza if you will. 

Melampodium stands up to drought. Sweet Zinnia.

Red Pentas with a Zinnia.
Red Pentas in the greenhouse had 11 little caterpillars on it,
it was nearly eaten when I found it.

I think of Zinnias like this one as 'Sunset Shades'

The weather is dry and some things are wilting. They will have to survive without my help as I can't drag hoses and all hoses were stored so He-Who-Mows can mow while I can't move heavy things. Survival of the fittest.

So glad to be back In the Garden. It is so hard to resist an impulse to bend over and give a weed a hard yank.


  1. Good to see such a colorful post from you.

    You just take it easy and don't try to do things to soon.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  2. glad to hear you are doing better - love that persian sheild

  3. I so wish I could grow Persian Shield - our winds and dry soil combine to wither it in no time. I'm glad that your surgery is done and that you're on the road to recovery. I'm sure that getting out in the garden is good for your health but mind your doctor!

  4. Take of yourself,Jean.I have missed your posts about your garden.Glad all went well.

  5. I am glad to hear surgery is over and you are back. I know you will be very careful of what you do, but I will remind you anyway.

    This will be a good time to just sit outside and appreciate what you have done! We gardeners don't do that enough......

  6. Failed to mention the beautiful flower pictures. I think that glorious sky with the fluffy white clouds steals the scene. Late summer flowers are always appreciated here because I know they will soon be gone.

  7. Your blooms are lovely whenever you get a chance to share them. I hope you are recovering well from your surgery. -Jean


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