Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Hippeastrum Relative: Rhodofiala bifida

One of the late summer blooming bulbs, Oxblood Lilies are a surprise treat when they appear, usually after a rain which triggers the dormant bulbs to send up blossoms.

None of the foliage in these pics belongs to Rhodofiala. After they bloom, strappy foliage appears and lasts the winter, maturing in spring.

I like the combination of Purple Heart and Rhodofiala.

Rhodofiala were brought to Texas in mid-nineteenth Century from Argentina.

Yet to appear are Lycoris. They are waiting for a good soaking rain. Meanwhile, these red/oxblood Lilies are a delightful harbinger of fall.


  1. I've always loved seeing these appear on blogs at this time of year. They're such a rich red color. I can't seem to get them to grow here in my garden, although I think technically they are hardy. I bet they don't like our very wet winter/spring weather.

  2. We're hot and dry (like Texas) but I've never seen these here in Southern California. Maybe we're too dry...

  3. I like them with the purple too! very much. My lycoris (the old pale pink) has come and gone. This is the first year I had mowed the area around them and I must say I didn't like the bare sticks with pink blooms. I need to do something similar around them for next year.

  4. A nice surprise for late summer. The beautiful deep red goes very well with purple heart!


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