Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lespedeza and Blue Curls in Wildflower Meadows

Yesterday's meadow pictures yielded 125 views, narrowed to about 35 things you need to see. A dozen  plants and several fauna were too many for a single post, so I am starting at random.

Lespedeza virginica, a legume.

The seeds are eaten by game birds, particularly Bobwhite Quail.

 Last year I noticed Lespedeza in the meadow for the first time, a single plant. This year there is this single plant about 200 feet to the east of last year's plant as if the west wind blew a seed there.

Close up so you can see the pea-like blooms.

This is the spot where I flushed a single pair of Bobwhite Quail, who quickly went to ground among the grasses and disappeared from sight.

Blue curls (Trichostema dichotomum) a mint, is common in Florida and eastern North America. 

Blue Curls make a stunning show with yellow wildflowers.
Of course none of the pictures of them together turned out well.

You can see where the name Curls comes from.

Last year I paired Blue Curls and Bidens in the same post: Bidens and Blue Curls. This year I will not show Bidens again. We are spending much time picking Spanish Needles out of the dog's fur. 

A welcome cool wind arrived with the onset of fall. 


  1. Lespedeza is one of those plants - like peonies - that generates a deep sigh and unbridled envy in me every time I see it. We can grow woolly blue curls, Trichostema lanatum, here, although it's rather touchy - too much water, especially summer water, will kill it in no time. I have a single plant and I am treading carefully.

  2. I love the native, meadow flowers. I have always wanted to have the ornamental lespedeza thunberia but never seem to order it.

    I don't think we have a single lespedeza plant in our fields....mores the pity.

  3. Happy fall! I am glad you caught a cool whiff of autumn. Wildflowers here are blooming with he cooler air. I have always dreamed of a wildflower meadow.

  4. We have some kinds of the lespedeza in Nebraska, but not that kind. I sure like it! I've not heard of the blue curls. That's a nice looking plant as well.

    Thanks for your information on the Illinois bundleflower. I had not heard that it was edible, although I did know it's a legume.

  5. Blue curls are a new plant to me. They're lovely! -Jean


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