Sunday, September 6, 2015

Looking Forward to Fall

This was my first of the month view for September. The green thing behind the red wagons is a combine, ready to gather corn. I've enjoyed the screen the corn made. The view is once again a broader expanse, with soybeans green beyond where the corn was.

After the corn was combined, I gathered myself some corn for fall decors where ears too low for the combine to catch were missed.

I 'pinned' directions for making a dolly of corn shucks, using the sun bleached shucks that have no mildew marks.

Maybe I'll make cornshuck angels. Maybe.

... or a banner of crisp shucks.

I even gathered a container of cobs.
I read they make good 'filler' -- maybe I'll need 'filler'?
I read they make a hot fire. 

Somehow harvest time makes me want to gather things that might be useful. 


  1. I had a small corncob doll that I had purchased as a souvenir as a kid. I never played with it, though, and just kept it as decoration. Aren't they easily destroyed?

  2. Gathering in for winter makes sense. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your gleanings from the corn field!

  3. Even if you don't make anything have treasures to enjoy this fall.

  4. It would be difficult this year to find anything without mildew or mold! Yours are beautiful.


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