Thursday, September 10, 2015

Plants I Wish I Had Encouraged this Year

Now that the worst of dry spells is over, I'm looking at plants I wish I'd given more attention early in the year and making notes for next year.  High on the list is Salvia leucantha. There are some swaths of it in the upper garden but no long waves in the front gardens where it was showy in previous years.

Mexican Bush Sage is always attractive to late butterflies and makes a real show with Lantana.

This year there is NO purple Datura, no purple buds and dark stems.
No yellow in several years. Datura is not that hard to grow from seeds.
Nighttime fragrance of Datura rivals that of Brugmansia.

A note here about Tithonia: Big plants that got too dry died. I failed to deadhead.
There are young plants coming on to bloom through October. 

I am about to dig and pot Agapanthus as advised by Claus Dalby. No signs of buds. 
That dark Alternanthera is a given. Once started it's always around.

There are fewer Pentas this year because I didn't take cuttings last year. 
Dead heading didn't happen recently either so they're all going to seed.

Porterweed survived some harsh dry weather. Next year I want lots more.

These next two are plants I had several years ago and would like to see again:

Ground Orchid


Making a note to make divisions and cuttings in the spring. 
Fall blooming perennials take prior planning, starting now for next year.


  1. I love your stand of Mexican Bush Sage. I just posted pics of mine a few days ago, beautiful fall color. I have to get some red Porterweed next year, after seeing yours. Right now, I'm only growing the blue.

  2. I never did get any Tithonia planted this year. Maybe next year!

  3. I'm enjoying Mexican sage and the red porterweed this year. The blue spreads like crazy!


  4. One of the great things about our gardens is that there's always next year to make changes! I have a double purple datura that I got as a seedling this spring. It's grown well and I'll keep seed for next year.

  5. Last year I thought I should dig up my Mexican bush sage, divide it and replant. I didn't do it and now I'm really feeling its absence. You're right to keep a "to do" list.

  6. I, too, am finding myself making notes about what to do differently next year, plants that need to be moved, etc. I know from experience that I won't remember these things in spring unless I write them down now! -Jean


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