Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Rest of the Night-blooming Story

Alison wanted to see the big morning glory that I think to be Ipomoea macrorhiza IN BLOOM. I braved the dark because I wanted to see it, too.

It has a sweet fragrance, nothing to compare with brugs and jungle cactus.

It was kind of spooky, 'way out there. Buffy stayed near the house. Even the cat didn't offer to go with me.
I see little purpose in novelty flowers that bloom in the night far from the house. 

I went back this morning in daylight. The sun was already up and the blossom had closed.

Back near the house entrance last night there were many fragrant and welcoming blooms. These are sweet.

These have a heavy, spicy scent. They were not yet open when I opted for an early bedtime.

By the time I was up and had coffee, the cactus blooms were already starting to droop and close.

Early sunlight caught the beauty of Brugs.  I cut some scrub oak limbs to use as props to get the leaning brug limbs off the driveway enough for the car to pass by without touching. 

There should be one last hurrah of night blooming cactus blooms after I bring the ungainly plants in for the winter. There are already blooms on Brug cuttings in the greenhouse.


  1. What a pretty morning/night glory. You were brave to go out where neither dog nor cat would venture forth. They must have thought you were crazy!

    Your brug is a wonderful color and your night blooming cactus leaves are different than the leaves of the one that I have. Mine look like a thorny cactus. You certainly have a green thumb dear Jean.


  2. Those night bloomers have such a short life. Sometimes it is hard to catch them.I hope they got the job done. The brugmansia is gorgeous.

  3. Oh My! You were brave to venture so far away from the house to capture a shot of that morning glory while it was open. I'm kind of sorry to say I think I preferred it as a mystery when it was closed, but thanks for getting the shot. What a great night picture of the Brugs, though. I bet they smelled wonderful. I have a night-blooming cactus, but it's just a baby. Some day maybe It will flower.

  4. What an adventure out into the dark! Love your brugs as always and the morning glory is pretty. Night blooming cactus is way cool. Still waiting for mine to bloom someday.

  5. Interesting that your night blooming ipomoea looks so similar to wild sweet potato.
    My ipomea alba is pulling the same stuff... But... did have a day of cooler temps, and got some decent pics (I hope) of the blooms in the light... Could be that as the temps drop that your ipomoea will have decent flowers for longer too.
    I would keep my eyes open for those tersas that you were posting about recently...
    I've never seen so many hawk moths as I'm seeing this summer!

    I useta have brugs planted close to the house... I got tired of the scent... It was overwhelming! Those things need to be far, far away...


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