Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Bee for Every Blossom

We've had drizzle off and on all day. In between showers, I raked pine straw and once I decided to try with the camera.

I noticed a bee on Tithonia.

Then I noticed that every Tithonia blossom had a bee.

Some bees shared a blossom.

Gulf Muhly is not as pretty when the sun doesn't shine.

Redbuds leave hearts everywhere. 

Camellia sasanquas are starting bloom. 


  1. Great shots of the bees on Tithonia!

  2. Rain showers in Central Florida, throughout the day, also. Cool bee shots, love the Tithonia.

  3. You gotta love a plant that attracts bees like that!

  4. The rains have stayed north of us. :-( It's been very breezy here.

    Love the tithonia/bee shots. I am growing a native yellow flowering plant, long spikes of yellow and I can't remember the name of it. Anyway, it has had LOTS of bee activity since it started blooming. (I'll remember the plant's name later.)

    Happy Fall dear Jean ~ FlowerLady

  5. Monarchs seem to love the tithonia. I am so glad I started growing them.

  6. I have several varieties of plants blooming now,off season.I noticed Bees humming yesterday.My Camellias are starting to bloom along with Azaleas,Irises,Hydrangeas, Yellow Angel Trumpets.Mixed up year.

  7. Your garden wears autumn beautifully! Great shots!

  8. What bright, beautiful Tithonia flowers! The cold has taken out most of our flowers, and I see the bees buzzing around what few are left. I just love Camellias, and miss seeing them throughout winter like when I lived down south!

  9. I enjoyed seeing your blooms. My tithonia plants have not done as well the last couple of years as in the past. I only had one plant this year, across the street where I try to garden, and it didn't get very tall. A few weeks ago, the trees were limbed. I had asked for the area they were in to be protected from the limbs, but they were not careful at all, and it seems that area was more damaged than the rest. The tithonia was broken down to a foot tall. We've had cold temps, so it will not be blooming any more. What are the purple blooms in the background?


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