Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Peek as the Greenhouse Fills Again

I waltzed the Bromeliad tree back into the greenhouse along with the rest of the Neoregelias.

Suddenly it feels like fall. A keen cool wind is blowing and we're getting a little rain from the outer edges of the storm, mostly cool mist.

I dug that troubling climbing fern that's such a thug out of the garden, stuffed it into the back of the pot holding the Bromel Tree and wound it around. There was more of it than I thought, hiding, yes hiding under some floppy Crocomia foliage. Thugs tend to help each other.

While I was at it I dug the Persian Shield that was supporting the fern and put it in a nursery pot rather than toss it. That's what takes so long to bring in everything: stopping to take Pineapple Sage Cuttings, repotting plants that have tight shoes, making room, saving the world and deciding who goes where.

The blue pots and darker pots behind hold a dozen Christmas Cactus, only part of the collection. Up top, Mother's Day Cactuses will go to the back to await their own holiday while Schlumbergeras in a different color pot will go in front. Burro Tails are dangling from the top shelf they're sharing with Mistletoe Cactus.

Only one bromeliad bloomed this summer, a single Neoregelia. It has a pup. This Tillandsia cyanea ventured up two quils early in the summer but never showed a single blossom. When I brought in it along with the Guzmania and the Vriesea, I put two overripe pears in between them in hopes a little 'gas' would stimulate bloom. Two days later, here's a blue bloom on the pink T. Cyanea quill. I think there's about 5 plants in this pot, they might bloom better if they were divided, but not this winter, please.

Another day or two and I think everything will be inside, if not placed.


  1. There's a lot to the job isn't there?

  2. You're going great guns! I can picture you waltzing with your Bromeliad tree and hear Lawrence Welk saying "Wunnerful, wunnerful." I've started moving plants in but it's difficult to decide where to put everything. Some house plants spent the summer in the greenhouse, all the Christmas, Thanksgiving, Pentecost, etc. cacti moved out but now some might come back inside to make space. Tables were removed and rearranged, shelves were added as were more plants. What to do, what to do? It's a fun problem to have!

  3. It is always a treat to see your greenhouse stuffed to the gills with lovelies from your gardens.

    Your weather sounds great. Ours is a tad cooler and that is wonderful for us.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Good job! now you are ready for 'winter' such as it may be for you.

    I am very impressed with your knowledge of these exotic plants.

    I remember you being all cozy inside in a comfy chair when the winds blew.


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