Saturday, October 17, 2015

I Missed Bloom Day; there's a Giant in our Midst

On my way to the mailbox, a Giant Swallowtail nectaring, There were Gulf Fritillaries and Skippers, too.

We were shopping for a refrigerator when I should have been posting Bloom Day photos.

I looked back at last year. The same blooms as this year, except not as dry.

Bloom Day 2014 and Foliage afterward

Bloom Day, 2014

Outside the greenhouse last year I had Pineapple Sage in glorious bloom. Salvia was replaced by Gardenias so we'll have green foliage year 'round on the north side. Pineapple sage in the garden this year is on the dry side and is not blooming The little cuttings I took to bring in for the winter because it isn't reliably hardy are already starting to bloom.

Back to the present, Duranta has not bloomed as freely nor set berries the way it 
usually does. 

Zinnias become more popular with butterflies when the weather turns cooler.
Sometimes a butterfly will just rest there while the plant rocks gently in the wind.

Some of our butterflies look a little shopworn and tattered.
Marigolds are trying to hold on.

Remember when people called any refrigerator a Frigidaire? I can call mine that, now. We have ice.


  1. Lovely blooms and butterflies.

    Congrats on your new fridge.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  2. Rare to see any butterflies here in N.J. this year. No clue why...maybe next year. Enjoy the new season.

  3. Hope the new fridge has a long and productive life!

    Beautiful flowers and butterflies!


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