Tuesday, November 3, 2015

After Rain: Lichens, Muhly Grass and Butterflies

There wasn't that much rain yesterday but it was a grey day and the wind blew hard, leaving the dog and me Stick Patrol today.

Picking up sticks is much more fun when the dead limbs are full of non-flowering plants. 

 I am always fascinated by the fruiting bodies on various lichens. We have abundant lichens, an indicator of clean air, they say.

I ran across and excellent guide to lichens yesterday and forgot to bookmark it.

Rain and damp days bring out other non-flowering plants. Two of my favs are Resurrection Fern and Hair Cap Moss. The metal Armadillo is the work of  Texan Bobby Varley.

Moss and Fern on a piece of vintage brick. Unintentional art.

Once Stick Patrol was done, we went to look at Muhly Grass backlit by sun.

Drops of dew glistened on the inflorescences of Pink Muhly.

Skippers were busy on Porterweed where new blooms were open.

I meant to catch this Gulf Frit on the flowers. He flitted away.

 It's the time of year when we get to see Monarchs as they migrate through. 

A Monarch and a Bee enjoyed company on Tithonia blossoms.