Monday, December 21, 2015

Blooms at Winter Stolstice

We had two frosty nights. Brave plants soldier on, with some cold-nipped tops. Winter is yet to arrive, despite the calendar.

Angel Trumpets, a wonderful symbol of the season but unexpected.

Exposed open Camellia blooms are easily frostbitten. Minimal shelter 
protects them. Tight buds will bloom following freezing of open, tender blooms
once the weather warms.

It's rare to have a Pentas bouquet for Christmas. Once cut, the stems will
sometimes root in water for Spring planting. I noticed seed on some of them.
Must remember to gather seed. They grew easily where spilled on the 
greenhouse. I might have luck with putting seed in a pot. 

Count on Belinda's Dream

Tea Olive likes cold.

The only White Christmas we may see is Azaleas
blooming out of season. 

Shrimp plant is tropical, but it is hardy.

More Pentas

Seedling Camellias

In fewer than 20 years, this seedling is 7 feet tall.

Loropetalum is a tough shrub. It needs room to expand.
Frost touching the fringes will turn them brown.

White Loropetalum fringes.

A froth of Sweet Alyssum outside the greenhouse door.
Inside the greenhouse are the ubiqutious Christmas Cactuses
and pots of Hyacinths with green tips showing. 
Heaters were run on the nights of December 18 and 19/

Duranta made a poor showing all summer, trying to make up for it now.

Grandma's Yellow Rose, another tough one.
White Pentas behind it.

We are under a Flash Flood Watch beginning tonight until Christmas Eve. The predicted high on Christmas Day is 83º --those with fireplaces will have to run air-conditioning. Don't laugh, I've seen it done.


  1. Some years back we ran the air conditioner on Christmas. I think we will need to run it this year too. Do you limb up your camellias?

  2. Wow, still so many blooms in your Angel Trumpet in this time of year.

  3. Brugmansia blooming outdoors in December? Who could believe. After 74 degrees on Christmas eve here in Virginia, should I expect arctic ice next month to even things out?

  4. I always fear dancing through December, paying the piper in January and February.

  5. Yes,Jean.We will pay for this warm weather,probably in January.Most years around my birthday,10 to the 15, there is something on the ground,Sleet or Snow.WE,too are under a flood watch til Christmas Eve. Projected to set a new record of 73 in the Atlanta area. Old record,72. Merry Christmas,Jean.

  6. 83! Our daytime temps in coastal southern California are expected to be in the 60s. The weather is decidedly weird but your flowers are beautiful. I didn't know that Pentas would grow so readily from cuttings and seeds. I'll have to try that.

  7. Beautiful camellias, I have a weakness for them. Can't beat the fragrance of a Tea Olive, but mine are stingy with their blooms. Perhaps, I'll have more as Florida cools down a bit.

  8. Incredible how much is blooming in your garden in December. Your growing season seems never to really stop, just slow down a bit. I'm in awe of brugmansias outside, in the ground, blooming now! 83 on Christmas? No hot buttered rum on that day. Fortunately eggnog is cold!

  9. I'm amazed at how many flowers you still have on your Brugs, even after a couple of frosty nights.

  10. Always amazed by your blooming camillias, white azaleas and white fringe flowers (Loropetalum) Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016!

  11. Beautiful plants as always! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Jean..:)


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