Sunday, January 24, 2016

It May as Well Be Spring

We've had freezing nights, this will be the third in a row. Last night's low was 25º. Clouds may begin to roll in again tomorrow bringing warmer temps.

This brave Daffodil is open for a whole week.
The pink thing  behind it out of focus, is an equally
courageous Hyacinth.

Camellias have a tenuous hold, this one fell to the ground.

Fierce winds knocked off many 'lichen sticks.'
Stick patrol when it's warmer is on my chore list.

Frost damage is evident. Tight buds will replace the frost-bitten blossoms.

Friday, January 15, 2016

January Bloom Day 2016

Less than a week ago, we had warm weather, too warm for January and blooms started to pop open prematurely, Azaleas and the like. Brugmansias had not received a signal to go dormant and were full of blooms. Two nights of freezing temperatures took care of most of our blooms.

Indoor orchids tend to bloom this time of year. These are my only blooms so far.

Cold nipped most of the Camellias but some few hardy ones are still pretty.

Taiwan Cherries are a little ahead of schedule, here with a frost nipped Camellia.

Raindrops on Taiwan Cherries 

Most of the tropicals are toast, except for Red Shrimp Plants.

Freeze-dried Julia Child. 

Most of the Durantas are mush, this one still has some blossoms and seeds.

Old-fashioned Narcissus doesn't mind a little cold.

Happy Bloom Day.