Sunday, January 24, 2016

It May as Well Be Spring

We've had freezing nights, this will be the third in a row. Last night's low was 25º. Clouds may begin to roll in again tomorrow bringing warmer temps.

This brave Daffodil is open for a whole week.
The pink thing  behind it out of focus, is an equally
courageous Hyacinth.

Camellias have a tenuous hold, this one fell to the ground.

Fierce winds knocked off many 'lichen sticks.'
Stick patrol when it's warmer is on my chore list.

Frost damage is evident. Tight buds will replace the frost-bitten blossoms.


  1. Beautiful dark pink Camellia. Any I have not under the oak canopy are frost-bitten too. Good thing they put on so many buds, still plenty closed ones to brighten up the garden later.
    Nice Daffodil!

  2. I hope you do indeed get some better weather out there. In the meantime, stay warm!

  3. That beautiful lonely daffodil. As we have a too mild winter, I saw here already blooming daffofils too but not yet in my garden. Your flowering Camellia has a lovely colour, I think I have to wait another month before they start flowering here, but they show plenty of promising buds.
    Hope the weather get somewhat warmer at your place.

  4. How wonderful to have such winter blooms, especially the camellia. Do you use the lichen covered moss sticks? We have lots over here too and I always think they look really attractive.

  5. I love that last picture showing the blue sky against the flowers.

    WE are due a few warmer days here too and some nights above freezing. My daffs are up about 4-5 inches,.

  6. Is your weather usually warm enough for the flowers to continue their riot?

    1. I would also assume that various parts of your property have various micro climates?

  7. We had 3 days of temps between 38 and 42. Nights were in low 20's. By next weekend, we will be at 73 for a high. I have a bad feeling about my daffs. Probably will have lots of blasted buds.

  8. Keep those photos coming! It will be about three more months before we see spring flowers here, so I am enjoying yours. -Jean

  9. Thank you for the hint on 'grabbers.' I'll be getting one of those at the medical supply shop soon.

  10. Wow! 25 is sure cold! We're having a pretty mild winter here with lows not predicted to go below 34 for this month or next. Still, our daffodils are barely poking their foliage above ground and the snowdrops are just starting. Your camellias are gorgeous and give me something to look forward to in my garden in a few weeks!

  11. I just had to post again and tell you that after following how you chilled your hyacinths and then potted, I did the same thing for the first time and they are all in bloom. Well, all 5 of them are blooming, but I am so excited that something I tried worked out so well. I will be doing this again next fall.


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