Monday, February 15, 2016

Bloom Day Feels like March

Mid-February: the Sun is shining, Azaleas are starting to bloom and the Wind is fierce like March. Gusts up to 25 mph according to the weatherman. We expect thunderstorms later today.

Cheerfulness Daffodils
King Alfred has a few yellow blooms, too.

Camellias in shades from white to red are
blooming, sometimes nipped back by frost.

Ancient Camellias are hardy.

Bees are visiting Camellias.

Azaleas have tried to open since last month.

 Shrimp plant is hardy with the least amount
 of protection from pine trees overhead.

Taiwan Cherries, blooming for a month.

'Leonard Messell' Magnolia from the back and front. These bloom a few at a time, only to be frost bitten or killed. Notice the tight buds saved back for later.

 A brave Gerbera daisy under pines.

A last look at Camellias, winter beauties.

Happy Bloom Day.

What IS Bloom Day?


  1. You really do have a lot of beautiful Camellias. Due to the increasing warmer winters Camellias are doing better than ever before in our garden too. I'm thinking of buying some more of them.....

  2. Your camellias are gorgeous! I think your Azaleas are running ahead of ours, blooms are sparse down here. But, oh yes, we are having the same kind of wind. Seems to blow a different direction every day, non stop.

  3. I can almost feel your warm temperatures. Love the blooms.

  4. Beautiful!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  5. Do your Taiwan cherries usually bloom that long? My memory is that they usually only bloom for a week or so. Either way, they are a wonderful harbinger of spring!

  6. You have a lot of blooms for this time of year. The camellias are beautiful!

  7. I love seeing all your winter and spring flowers! Bloom Day dawned as the coldest day of the winter so far here, and my first flowers of the season are still about two months away. -Jean

  8. Amazing to me that you have so many flowers when all we have is snow and yellow and brown stains on the parkway. Actually there are signs of snow drops and daffies just beginning to show their heads by an inch or so. There is hope! Love seeing your flower photos Jean!

  9. Oh, how I miss azaleas! Happy GBBD!

  10. You've got some beautiful blooms this month for sure. Our camellias are just getting started and the magnolias won't bloom quite yet.

  11. Jean, you have so much in bloom! My favorite is the brave Gerbera! Thank you for stopping by to see my quilted leaf name tag!

  12. I do love those camellias. No color here or bees yet. Of course, the flies are out, blasted creatures.

    We are very windy too and broke heat records of mid-70's a couple of days.

  13. I really love your camellias.


  14. That Cheerfulness daffodil is my favorite sweet and pure! But the camellias are wonderful and lush. Thank you!


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