Friday, February 26, 2016

Busywork While I Wait for Spring

This is the second of Touch Quilts --some people call them Fidget Quilts where I am using up a lifetime of collecting fabrics and trims for one project or another.

The theme of this quilt is Elephants because of the elephant print velour fleece that I found online, the only kiddie print I bought and only because of the texture.  I found a number of more grown-up fleece prints with themes like hunting dogs, birds, horses and cats. All are now in some stage of construction.

The other 'touch' fabrics are a red corduroy, yellow fleece, and a bit of blue silk.

Ribbon loops in satin and grosgrain, a row of loops that are stitched down cotton shirting, a couple of gray ribbon loops and a purple satin ear on the appliqued elephant are all for busy hands to explore.

The blue triangles on a yellow fleece square are Prairie Points, folded fabric with no raw edges and an opening to slip fingers into, exploring.

There are a couple of pockets: a regular striped pocket with red ribbon trim and a non-functioning upside pocket with lace in the bottom corner is just for exploration. Running one's hand into that yellow triangle smooths the velour underneath which feels wonderful to touch.

There's a square of the velour left to use as a backing. The front will be circus-themed. I'm still auditioning blocks that will not look too juvenile. Everybody loves the circus.


  1. Love your fabrics. My mother in law pieced quilts as well. She made quilts for both of my kids. They are a real treasure.

  2. Very worthwhile busy work and very pretty.


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