Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hyacinths, no Hippeastrum

We so enjoyed the Fisher Peanut butter. Now it's time to enjoy food for the soul as Mama used to call it.

They said that the single pots of blooming Hyacinths, mostly pink and white that bloomed earliest,  that I sent for the birthday celebrants at the nursing home in January were a hit.

These pics were quickly snapped when I went to get the cat out of the greenhouse so I could close the doors tightly against thunderstorms that are crossing the Chattahoochee as I type.

Hyacinths in the outdoors are blooming before stems are out of the ground, indicating a lack of winter cold.

I had an email from Sally's Mom who said she followed my instructions for pre-chilling and planting hyacinths in pots of soil with good results.

I failed to follow my own instructions closely enough for Hippeastrum. No Amaryllis are blooming in the greenhouse, just a plethora of green foliage. I'm not sure where I went wrong but maybe buds will appear sometime this month or the next. If not, they're all going into the ground outside to start over for bloom cycles next spring.


  1. I am so happy with mine grown in the house. I am enjoying them so much. I can't resist taking a smell of them every time I go by. I am also having those in the ground outside blooming before they can get out of the ground very much.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Hippeastrum not blooming. I only kept a couple from last year and they only have foliage as well but they got no fertilizer to help build the bulbs so this season, they will.

  3. The Hyacinths are gorgeous - especially when you have them blooming en masse like that.

  4. I am glad to see the hyacinths in pot with soil. When I did that, they were strong enough after blooming to reuse outdoors the following year, and continue to bloom there year after year.

  5. Nell Jean, I continue to struggle with making Hippeastrum bulbs happy. Right now I have one in bloom and one more with a flower stock that looks like it will bloom in March. The other 10 pots of Hippeastrum bulbs have only leaves. Sigh... I should take me cue from you and pot up some hyacinth bulbs next year. -Jean

  6. I got no blooms from my Hippeastrum this year either. Some years are just like that. I will put them in the ground and wait for blooms next year.


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