Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March Bloom Day: Late Camellias, mid-season Daffodils and Azaleas

I made some pics yesterday of some rude dragonflies on the Mule Barn door and wandered on out to see what was blooming without a thought of Bloom Day.

Camellia seedling, one of the last blooming.

Pink Gerbera seedling, throwback to the species.

Formosa at left, Pink Ruffles azaleas coming into bloom.

Formosa azalea and a rustic bench in the Upper Garden near the highway.


Pink Charm

Pink Charm and tiny Hawera daffodils

Tahiti, a fragrant favorite.

Corydalis, a native blooming with daffodils.

Loropetalum has a long bloom time.

White Loropetalum overlooks pink Loropetalums and budding pecan trees bordering the Upper Garden on the north.

Lantana blooming in a sheltered spot covered steps to the Upper Garden.

Pink Pearl Azaleas on the North side of the Front Garden.
If you look closely at the horizontal branches, you can see fat Dogwood buds.
When Dogwoods are in full flower it is safe to set tender plants in open ground. 

Shrimp Plants have new bracts with white flowers.

Echinacea sheltered by pines, blooming early.

Happy Bloom Day.

See March blooms from around the world at May Dreams Gardens March 2016 host site.


  1. Lots of beauty there!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. Everything is so out of wack here. Azaleas bloomed in the fall and reblooming now and they are not Encore azaleas. Encore azaleas are not blooming. Go figure. I have never had good luck with Gerbera. Are yours perennial for you?

  3. Colorful and exuberant spring blooms! Happy GBBD my friend!

  4. All beautiful! Especially like those Loropetalum trees, or were those Laura Pedlums? Very cute...Janice

  5. Wow, I love it all. The Pink Charm daffodil is really pretty.

    Happy Spring dear Jean ~ FlowerLady


  6. What a bloom day! I love your yard/gardens......A camellia blossom is just perfection.

  7. Oh, Camellias and azaleas--I can only dream! Beautiful spring flowers!

  8. It seems like Bloom Day snuck up on a lot of us this month. That's a great shot of the Loropetalum. I've been meaning to take a look at my one Camellia to see if it has buds.

  9. How lovely! Although azaleas and camellias are tough for us, we share so many plants and it's delightful to see them.

  10. Your Loropetalum are spectacular!

  11. Belated happy bloom day!
    I echo Kris - the Loropetalum are exceptional!

  12. What a treat to see all these lovely blooms! I'm excited to have crocuses and the first daffodil blooming right now:) Your camellias are gorgeous!

  13. Formosa one of my favorites. Will be using lots of Southern Indica's in my new garden. Mostly deer proof, tough, pretty, take up a lot of space, easy to keep at whatever height desired....

    Sold shrimp plants at a nursery in the 80's. Never bought, they're not winter hardy here, but thoroughly enjoyed being with them at work.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T


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