Friday, April 15, 2016

Blackberry Winter on Bloom Day

We are having perhaps the last cool spell before warm weather sets in. Blackberries are blooming.

Yesterday it rained most of the day. Today is dreary with overcast skies.

Echinacea is coming into bloom along with Farinacea 'Victoria' and great wads of the thug Spiderwort. Roses are starting to bloom. Even He-Who-Mows noticed Julia Child's yellow blooms.

Knockout Rose Bushes, unpruned, have reached six feet.

Snowball Viburnum bloomed better than ever this year and is joined by native Baptisia alba.

Iris is blooming. This white and yellow one with orange falls came from Janie Varley in Texas.

 These blue 'swamp iris' have been here forever.

Mexican Hats and Rose Campion have scattering blooms just beginning in beds with Angel Trumpets which put out early foliage which has not bifurcated, so there are no buds to brag about just yet.

Happy Bloom Day.

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  1. Beautiful! The white and yellow Iris is expecially pretty!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. Your baptisia is gorgeous. I have the blue and there is no sign of it. Breaks my heart.

  3. Everything's beautiful! Thanks to you, I learned a new word today-bifurcated. I'll try that one out on my husband when I get the chance. A good weekend to you, Jean. _Janice

  4. You're a bit ahead of us. Your blooms are all beautiful. I'm looking forward to the warmer summer weather!

  5. I love the Iris and I envy the rain. Happy GBBD to you, Jean!

  6. Jean, I just did a long post comparing the plants we share showing the difference in growth between your Zone 8 and my Zone 6....lost the dratted thing. So suffice it to say I am way behind you.

  7. You have already so many plants flowering, always interesting to see the differences in climate. I think it's sometimes much more beautiful to see unpruned roses in bloom, I like the wildness.

  8. Hello Jean – my first visit to your lovely garden and blog. Here in London where I live we are having an unusually cold spring and everything is very late – nature is holding its breath and we are just waiting for warmer weather. Your irises are beautiful and I also like your big, tall knock-out roses!

  9. Is that echinacea really that bright? Some of your bloom day blooms say 'summer' around here in zone 7a. I could use some rain.

  10. There are powerful flowers gentleness on your photo. They are example of natural beauty.

  11. Looks like stachys have invaded your Louisiana iris. Pretty much eluding my efforts to grow it in the sand where I'd like to get it growing as a root crop. We've had the best weather this year... Kinda hard on our neighbors to the west, though...


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