Saturday, May 28, 2016

End of May: Gardenias, Brugmansias and Bromeliads

It's a joy to go outside. During the day Gardenia scent is wonderful. After dark, Brugmansia fragrance mingles with the heady Gardenias.

For anybody else, there would be too many. Not for me!

Orangy in the daytime, 
Pink and wide open at night.

Vriesea bought for $1.25. Two pups grew from it and bloomed this year.

Blooms are the little blue things.

Pink Seedling

Echinacea is everywhere. Big blue hydrangeas are in bloom. 
Oakleaf hydrangea blooms are now pinkish and drying.

Byzantine Emperor --likes a little shade.

Belinda's Dream
Roses go in and out of bloom. Sometimes I forget about photos when they are at their best.


  1. I love Belinda's Dream. The scent is wonderful.

  2. Oh My, you have Brugs flowering already! Mine are just putting out tons of leaves. It will be a while before they have flowers.

  3. Beautiful blooms! I saw a hedge of gardenias at a yard sale once and wanted to bring it home. Can't have too many gardenias. Yours are so healthy looking. What do you feed them? I have three of them.

    Have a nice holiday ~ FlowerLady

  4. Gardenias, such wonderful fragrance, I have one (very small) in my greenhouse and with only one flower it it.

  5. I'm with you about fragrance in the garden! Love it! Beautiful blooms!

  6. Those gardenias are also growing here in the tropics, although i don't have it, but my sister does. Lovely scent in the garden if not too plenty.

  7. Thanks for your concern (my health)and visit. I haven't seen a gardenia in ages...forgot what it smells like. Always wanted a oak leaf hydrangea I have no room. Things change.


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