Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pink Echinacea and a Gardenia

The white Coneflower that Susie gave me year before last seeded itself beside the original plant. Naturally the new plant is a throwback to an ancestor, but not as deeply pink as the ones growing elsewhere here.

 I gave Kathy the seeds I saved last summer from the white Echinacea.
I hope that she or her neighbor will grow more coneflowers and 
some will turn out white.

White Echinacea has buds, but none open. Yet.

Blooming white behind the pink coneflower is a Gardenia or two.

Fragrance. Incredible. I bring in a bloom or two when I think of it.

These gardenias are bushes that I rooted cuttings not so many years back.  I feel compelled to plant more and more of them. They are not native. Native shrubs like Azalea 'Alabamense' and Philadelphus inodorus have shed their white blooms and gone green now.


  1. I tried gardenias 3 times. I think they hated me

  2. I'm sure if gardenias grew like that here I would also feel compelled to plant more and more. I can almost smell it...

    Your echinacea is lovely - I think it will be a while before mine bloom - usually it's not until midsummer at the earliest. I have had white ones before, but they don't seem to last. This year I have a lot of a variety called Cheyenne Spirit, in orange, pink and terra-cotta tones. I wonder how hardy they will be?

  3. The gardenia is perfect. Not a single blemish. My flowers (on the few occasions I get any) look sorry by comparison.

  4. I LOVE gardenias and now have three of them, two have been blooming and every time I take a whiff of their glorious scent, I sigh! How wonderful it is and the blooms are so creamy white and beautiful.

    Happy gardening dear Jean ~ FlowerLady

  5. Beautiful echinaceas pink or white. Mine have died out and this year I started a small container of White Swan...maybe 8 or so plants. I don't care if they are pink or white.

    Gardenias! lucky you. I grew one in a pot once and it bloomed beautifully and smelled heavenly.

  6. I love the white echinacea. One showed up in y garden and was there for several years but is missing this year. Maybe it has reverted back.

  7. I've had good luck getting white Echinaceas to come true from seed saved from white flowers. I have plenty now in my front garden, not near to flowering here yet though.

  8. The native echinacea I grow varies from purple, lavender, to pinkish as the season progresses. I think the weather might have something to do with the intensity and shade of color.


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