Saturday, July 16, 2016

Benign Neglect and Butterflies

 This morning I finally wandered out to see what survived mostly neglect this summer.

Somewhere between last August and now, I lost interest in Garden Life. I still look at what blooms and pick up the inevitable sticks that fall in every storm. Pruning low-hanging branches is in my DNA. The inmates are running the asylum when it comes to what grows and what stays. 

Echinacea in a sea of white Lantana. 

Hibiscus syriacus, we say 'Althea' 
Hummingbirds visit these hearty plants.

One of my new notions is to let the fittest survive with no dragging of hoses on my part. Putting out hoses is a small task. Moving them every time the grass is cut is more work.

Melampodium, a good filler, self cleaning.

Pentas, a butterfly fav.

This morning's favorite nectar source is Porterweed. Stachytarpheta

My efforts to plant over the years with Butterflies in mind paid off.

Caesalpina pulcherrima  and Tecoma stans

Shrimp plant is attractive to hummingbirds and a garden staple.

Tithonia is just now reaching blooming size, a dozen self-seeded plants.
This is the favorite of butterflies in late summer. My contribution was to 
remove enough weeds that Tithonia could thrive.

Blue Porterweed is as popular as the coral.

Salmon Sheen. I saw a butterfly in one yesterday.
 Sometimes a butterfly will dive into a daylily blossom to find nectar.
Pay attention to daylilies that rebloom and tolerate drought and cold.

 Lantana montevidensis
This lantana smothered out bermuda grass. In the upper corner I left
Rabbit Tobacco because I like the resinous aroma of its ripe foliage.

Agapanthus 'Storm Cloud' about to bloom in a pot.
I plan to pot up more Agapanthus next month. 
I am doing less, not giving up completely.

Yesterday I knew it was Bloom Day but I was dealing with the dog's health issues. TMI to tell about, but we left the vet's office in pouring rain, both glad to be headed home.


  1. So sorry to hear about doggy health problems. I can understand the non-interest in the garden. Mine comes and goes. It's good to see a post from you, and I was happy to see your comment on my own blog. Doing less is a good goal.

  2. The fact that your garden does so well on a routine of benign neglect speaks volumes of the decisions you made earlier in selecting the plants that populate it. I'm glad to see some of your butterfly photos pop up. Best wishes with the dog's health issues.

  3. So glad to see a post from you. The tithonia has started blooming. I learned about that wonderful plant from you. The butterflies love it beyond belief.

  4. I hope all's well. I get concerned when a gardener loses interest in her garden.... Thinking of you. Cynthia

    P.S. Having a garden that survives, even thrives, with little maintenance is a really awesome accomplishment!

  5. Hope all is well with your dog's health! Your garden looks great despite your lack of interest this year. Some seasons are like that with lagging interest in the garden; others make up for it.


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