Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Timely Planning: Amaryllis

I noticed Hippeastrum foliage starting to turn yellow.

I loaded up all but 5 pots of seedlings that have never bloomed that I am not going to dry off.

The ones on the cart went into the Mule Barn to rest. The tops will yellow and dry off and bulbs will rest until late October. They'll get a drink and some will get a new pot or at least some new soil in the pot bottoms and rest more until a scape appears.




I think this is Spartacus

Maybe I'll dream over the catalogs when the weather turns chilly or maybe pick up a couple of Big Box Store bulbs. Bulbs tend to jump into my shopping cart despite my plans not to buy more.

I've not seen signs of Lycoris, Sternbergia or Rhodofiala sending up bloom stalks yet. Maybe the predicted tropical storm rains will bring them out.

There was a hummingbird in the greenhouse this morning. He kept trying to find a way out the top despite my best efforts to wave him toward the wide open doors. Finally I left him to his own devices after I put a red bandana next to the door to attract his attention. When we checked later, he was gone.


  1. You have such a green thumb dear Jean. Your amaryllis blooms are all beautiful!

    We didn't get as much heavy rains as were predicted from tropical system 9, but we did get a lot of heavy rain for awhile yesterday, then light rain.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  2. You have so many beautiful Amaryllis, I have the Appleblossom which is resting in the greenhouse now to recharge for a new flowering period.

  3. No oxblood lilies here yet but rain lilies are going crazy. I guess it is all the rain we had for 2 weeks after an extremely dry July.

  4. Every time I see pictures of your beautiful Amaryllis I think I should try at least one.

  5. The red bandanna was a brilliant idea, Jean. Your amaryllis are always extraordinary. I've planted a few of mine in a border in the hope that they'll naturalize - so far all I can say is that they're still alive.

  6. Your amaryllis are beautiful. The colors are spectacular. I love that first one.

    I have been toying with the idea of another "The Works" narcissus bulbs from White Flower Farm, but then I remember that means I have to plant them!

  7. I've packed off all my amaryllis bulbs to their basement resting place. I'll get them out in early November and hope for more blooms than I got last year. Yours are beautiful. -Jean

  8. I tried an amaryllis last year for the first time and loved it. You reminded me to go online and order more. Hope mine will do as well as yours, Jean. Beautiful! P. x

  9. You always have great amaryllis blooms later in the year!

  10. Oh my, your amaryllis will be beautiful! I love Apple Blossom. Looks like I better get some more since I didn't keep mine from last year.

  11. Such beautiful amaryllis blooms! I have never grown them...they are lovely!

  12. Amaryllis grew in the ground, no digging up, for my grandma in Milledgeville, GA, quite warm.

    Sister gave mom a boxed amaryllis last year. Sat on the counter for weeks, I fly in, the poor thing is growing in the box, on the counter, no lite, no love. Mom wasn't about to pot it. Sister wasn't about to pot it. I potted it, set into my childhood wagon on the porch. Flew home. Next visit. Amaryllis still in wagon, only watered by G*d. Mom none to pleased sister did not care take the amaryllis, sister none to pleased mom did not appreciate the gift. Both willing to watch it die. Planted it into the ground before flying home.

    Seems I got all the gardening DNA for the family !



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