Friday, October 7, 2016

A Closer Look at Fall

He Who Mows cut paths for me to explore the wildflowers. We almost waited too late to see any Agalinis. We've been without rain for a few days and they dry up quickly.

I did get there in time for Helianthus. Beautiful swaths of little Sunflowers.

 There was Rabbit Tobacco everywhere. I know it is a wilding but I let it grow in my garden because I like the resinous fragrance of the leaves. Sometimes I put whole plants in the tool sheds over the winter.

 This patch of Silk Grass in bloom had Agalinis. You can recognize the dark green Y-shaped plants even without the pink blossoms. Silk Grass was plentiful this year.

Beautyberry foliage was wilted but the berries persist. Critters ate the berries off the one I let grow in the garden. They tend to plant themselves everywhere and I'm always torn between their invasive ways  and the berries.
Big patches of Goldenrod everywhere. I saw small plants and great honking five-footers, different places.

Swaths of Bluestem with white blooms, blowing in the wind behind some Helianthus. Up close is a smattering of Erigeron.

We don't have colorful fall foliage among our trees. Live oaks stay green and drop leaves in early spring. Deciduous Oak leaves mostly just turn brown and fall. There was some color among the Sweet Gums. Sumac is beginning to turn red.
We are experiencing 17 mph winds with gusts up to 30. It looks as if we won't get considerable rain from the outer bands of the approaching hurricane over on the coast but we are getting wind. So far we've a sprinkle, just enough to cause me to abandon bringing in the jungle cacti.


  1. Your wildflower meadow is lovely. It's one of the many things I dream of having but impossible on our small plot. I hope the wind doesn't get too bad.

  2. Beautiful large field of wild flowers. Your wild flowers like Helianthus and Callicarpa are growing here in my garden borders.

  3. How neat to be able to walk through a field of wildflowers.

    We only got .49 inches of rain from Matthew, but LOTS of wind last night and this morning.

    Have a lovely weekend with He Who Mows dear Jean ~ FlowerLady

  4. It must be wonderful to have an entire meadow to wander through looking at wildflowers. Some people try to recreate the look of a meadow in their garden, but you have the real thing.

  5. I love your Helianthus. I don't have those but do have swamp sunflowers. They can get sort of rowdy, but they are very easy to pull the excess ones.

  6. Beautiful meadow! My cows make that an impossibility here. I finally ordered some rabbit tobacco seed and hope to get it started here. I never found the plant we found years ago at the back of the farm. We smoked that as kids....dare I say that?

  7. The yellows in your meadow make up for the lack of fall foliage.


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