Thursday, October 6, 2016

Best Time of Year for Wildflowers

We went to repair an irrigation riser in the south pasture. He Who Mows had mowed some paths through Little Bluestem and other fall blooming plants. We took the long way back and I saw Agalinis, Goldenrod and Blue Curls, lots of Spanish Needles (Bidens) already gone to seed.



 Back at the Mule Barn, Rabbit Tobacco is blooming with White Lantana.

 Not really a wild flower but attracting plenty of butterflies, coral color Porterweed  and a Sulphur butterfly in the air.

Poke weed

Self-planted Goldenrod that I can see from my kitchen windows is abuzz with pollinators. If you look closely, there is a bee at center right.

As I type this, He Who is Mowing paths in the north pasture so I can go check to see what else is blooming.


  1. Nice to see a post from you about your lovely wildflowers. You've been missed.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  2. Good to see you post. I learn so much from you. I also searched through your blog the other day because I knew you had posted about a little pink native grass that is fall blooming and I found it. I have a small clump at my house and just love how the early morning sun shines through it and makes it glisten.

  3. Sumac has such lovely fall color!

  4. Gardens and fields are awash with purple New England asters around here.


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