Friday, October 14, 2016

October Bloom Day 2016, Drought

It's dry here. I've given up watering.

Angel Trumpets look best at night or early in the morning.

 Gulf Muhly Grass is not quite in full bloom.

Madagascar periwinkles persist, with Lantana.

Lantana and Setcreasea have grown into one another.



Grandma's Yellow Rose

Mexican Bush Sage Salvia leucantha


Esperanza Tecoma stans

Rabbit tobacco and White Lantana in front of the Mule Barn

Happy Bloom Day mid-autumn. Join other Bloom Day blogs at May Dreams Gardens to see what is blooming in other locations around the world.


  1. Despite your drought and no irrigation, your garden soldiers on! I hope my Tecoma looks half that good one day - my plant's been in the ground close to 2 years now without a single bloom but at least it's finally grown a bit. Meanwhile, I've given up all hope that my Setcreasea will ever look like yours.

  2. Your Lantana and Setcreasea combination looks great grown together like that. Love the picture of your Tecoma with the bottle trees in the background!

  3. You still have lots of blooms despite the drought and your fall garden is looking lovely!

  4. Strange how so many are getting hammered with excess rains and yet others are very dry. We were dry for some time and then began getting timely rains of 1/4 inch to 2.5 inches. We can't complain.

    Your mid-fall garden still looks better than mine which has received no attention at all for two months.


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