Sunday, November 6, 2016

He-Who Saws

What will  you do when you're frangible and shouldn't do things that used to be routine?

For example, sawing limbs that are high in the air and in the way of farm equipment?

 Electric Chain Saw, engineered boom attached to the front of the tractor.
The white thing that looks like a piece of pipe is a reservoir for hydraulic fluid to run back in, making the movement of the saw more stable.

 ... and a generator on the back.
That platform was an interim way to go high in the air before the details were worked out for 
running an electric chainsaw from the tractor seat instead of standing somewhere 
off the ground with a gasoline chain saw.

The saw is moved using hydraulics and powered by electricity from the generator.

The chain saw blade sawing through a limb is visible upper right.

Fifty years of Progress.