Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Daffodils I'll Plant again

Daffodils have about finished here.  Pictured here from previous years so you can see the various cultivars. These are a few of my very favorites that perform well here. This is an old draft I never published, still timely.

Erlicheer 2013

Hawera, 2011

Thalia -- I can't readily find a photo of Thalia, a fragrant triandrus that should be in every garden. A late bloomer and always a thrill to find in bloom. Sometimes I notice the fragrance before I see the flowers. Ice Wings is like a miniature Thalia and Hawera is like a pale yellow minature Thalia. 

Ice Follies, 2012
Juanita, 2013

Pink Charm and Sailboat, 2011

Tete a Tete and Jet Fire, 2011
Rip Van Winkle was planted with these.
Rip had great foliage every year, never bloomed once.

Jet Fire 2013

Tahiti, spicy fragrant, 2012

Have you noticed that some Daffodils are inexpensive as compared to others? Generally, the more expensive cultivars are hybrids prized by Daffodil enthusiasts who place their best blooms in Daffodil shows. For a garden planting, the least expensive give more for the money.

Daffodil hybridizers are freqently Pacific Northwest growers. Their bulbs tend to bloom beautifully for me. One time. I don't know if it is my winter or my summer, but they tend to peter out. I now put my money in old, tried and true bulbs.

Trumpet Daffodil, 2013

No longer do I strive for a Daffodil Hill except for what's already near the Stick House. I just buy a few bulbs and plant them on the end of a bed somewhere. This past fall I bought a bag of fifty bulbs. As best I remember they were 'King Alfred type' -- the original King Alfred daffodils are no longer seen in the trade. 'Unsurpassable' which is Miss Billie's favorite can sometimes be located, another large Trumpet that will bloom here.

I put more than half at the end of a curved bed just past a small Camellia and the rest down between some rocks in a bed along the driveway, most in a single bed and a handful on the opposite side. I overplanted with some poppy seeds and larkspur.

Poppies and Larkspur will follow the bloom of these Daffodils and
hide the foliage, Spring 2013

Mama always used Shirley poppies over her tulip beds, but I like a mix of corn poppies, California poppies, Opium poppies and larkspur for a cottage effect. The early spring beds never turn out the same because they sprout as randomly as I plant. You never know when a single daffodil will bloom in an unexpected spot, or a handful.

Got Daffodils? Have a favorite?


  1. You've got a lovely range of daffodils! They didn't do well here in my coastal southern California garden for the past several years but this winter's unexpectedly heavy rains gave them a boost, at least until last week's Santa Ana winds heated things up. Most of my noID early daffodils were knocked out then, although I had a good show for a couple of weeks beforehand. 'White Lion', the only variety I can name, is just now making an appearance but there are only a few blooms.

  2. Forgot to say in my other comment that Erlicheer does well for me. I need to buy more of those next year or maybe just go ahead and divide these.

  3. Wow! Daffodil time is just beginning here. I've found the same thing about the older, less-expensive daffodils and don't bother with a lot of the newfangled hybrids.


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