Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fragrance While I'm Thinking about Scent

Vespertine flowers are usually fragrant:
Epiphyllum oxypetalum
Nicotiana and Petunias give off their scent at night as well.

Fruity Frangrances
Sweet Shrub Calycanthus floridus
Tea Olive Osmanthus fragrans
Big Bay Southern Magnolia
Japanese Boxwood in late winter bloom smells like grape Koolaid.
Deciduous Magnolias have a fainter frangrance, but are still delightful.

Lemon Grass is a favorite of my pets. They chew the leaves. I keep a pot of Lemon Grass by Ike the Cat's perch in the greenhouse for him to chew so he won't shred my bromeliad leaves.

Gardenias and Confederate Jasmine -- summer scents along with Japanese Honeysuckle, an undesirable thug in the garden.

Daffodils have varied fragrances. The cloying scent of Paperwhite Narcissus is best enjoyed from a distance. I love to stand in a field of Sweetness Jonquillas and just breathe. Fortune large-cups are fragrant at a distance as well. The sweetness of the late-blooming Thalia is precious. Tahiti has a spicy fragrance.

Daffoldils in Jonquilla and Triandrus Divisions are my favorites.

Sometimes I let weedy native herb Rabbit Tobacco Gnaphalium obtusifolium grow just for the resinous smell of the leaves and dry flowers. I sometimes cut a whole plant to put in the toolshed as an air freshener for the winter. It is said to repel insects and spiders.

Oregano and Rosemary have resinous scents, too. Brushing agains the plants releases the fragrant oils.

Privet and Ligustrum -- allergy instigators.

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  1. Scent is one of my favorite things about the garden! Thanks for this list. Rabbit Tobacco is new to me; I'll look it up.


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