Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What's the Difference Between Martha Stewart's Mid July Garden at her Farm and Mine?

I'm finding drafts that I never published, some that I just failed to go back and click the button:

How Does Martha Stewart's Garden at her Farm Differ from Mine?

I mean, besides nine full-time workers and millions in resources?

We went to my mother's once and dessert was gingerbread with bananas and whipped cream. When I asked where she got that notion, she said, "Why in the latest Good Housekeeping magazine." I hadn't seen any such suggestion and she went on, "It was on the cover." On the cover was an elaborate three layer dessert covered with decorative whipped cream and silver sprinkles. She looked beyond the glitz to the recipe which was easy enough if you didn't need to stack 3 layers and pipe whipped cream all over. Mama just sliced her gingerbread in squares, sliced bananas over it and added a dollop of whipped cream.

Martha Stewart hates bananas, I read.

When I looked beyond the volume and scope of Ms. Stewart's garden, my plain one measured up well.

Martha has pears. I have pears. Both of us have lots of pears. I didn't thin mine nearly enough. I know better. Maybe next spring I'll thin them within 30 days of full bloom.

Her garden features Hostas, mine has Gingers. The blooms of neither are significant except for Curcuma in August in my garden.

She has a row of single bloom Rose of Sharon behind a pergola. I have a double Althea. I may take cuttings to make a row of my double rose color Rose of Sharon. Hibiscus. Althea. I don't have a pergola.

They're running sprinklers 'round the clock. Even when we have a drought, we don't run water 'round the clock. Many of our plantings are water-wise.

Blueberries at her place are covered with netting. Our blueberries are prolific to the point of giving some away. Birds are not a problem here. Birds here find plenty here to eat. Ms. Stewart mentioned that blueberries have fiber and have among the highest antioxidant capabilities. I like eating them right off the bush.

I was awed by all the currants at her place in every color. We had red currants when I was a child. Currants are tasty in mince pies. I would not plant them here because currants are a host to white pine blister rust.

I didn't see anything in the article about farm crops. Corn is mature in the fields here and Peanuts are about to lap in the middles.

Omnimedia vs. a couple of blogs. Did you all know Martha Stewart is just a few months older than I am?


  1. I love that last statement/question. :-)

    Fun post dear Jean. Happy Spring to you. Have missed your posting.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. We should all have that clarity of perspective when we look at glossy magazines!

  3. My niece gave me a nicely-lettered sign that says "This is what happens when you fire all of the servants." which hangs in my kitchen near the back door to the garden. Love your comparison!

  4. I identify with this one! I really notice her comments about her daily collected eggs from her hen I believe she goes out daily and actually gets them out of the nests.

    I am beginning to feel the same about our gardening guru from Arkansas, P. Allen Smith.

    They can still inspire us with ideas though.

  5. I was going back through some of the older posts on Dotty Plants Greenhouse, and found on April 09, 2015 you gathered and planted some daff seeds. Did they do anything for you?

    1. They came up like tiny blades of grass. Then they died of neglect.

  6. I just take MS with a pinch of salt and enjoy many of the things she does. I use some of her recipes which are favorites and everyone raves about them. I go to garage sales and get things for a dollar-M goes to tag sales and picks up a hundred miniature Christmas pudding basins to make them for all her friends. I smile. She lives in a different world. A world where she has a Basket House. What does she think we think about that-or do all her friends have basket houses? I smile. I read oyster post and I smiled.


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